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Our approach to events

At FinDev Canada, we adopt a versatile approach to events, where we focus on fostering knowledge sharing in key areas, including development finance, blended finance, climate action encompassing sustainable infrastructure and nature-based solutions, women's economic empowerment, market development, and more. We also provide business insights through real-life client examples within our portfolio. These events create a unique space for connecting with industry peers who share our commitment, enabling us to fortify existing relationships and explore potential partnerships. Beyond networking, these gatherings align with our mandate to support development through the private sector by catalyzing meaningful conversations into actionable change.

“We have all heard the phrase: ‘We will not reach net zero if we are not nature positive.’ And that’s because climate and nature are two sides of the same coin, and so they must be tackled – or, perhaps better said – attacked – together.”

– Lori Kerr, FinDev Canada CEO at the Seventh GEF Assembly

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Scaling innovative climate adaptation solutions in emerging economies
London Climate Week 2024
How are financial policies, regulations, and market incentives accelerating the pace of decarbonization?
Decarbonization Finance at a Tipping Point | CDM 2024 | IEFA
Decarbonization Finance at a Tipping Point | CDM 2024 | IEFA
Sustainable Finance Forum
Mobilising and blending public and private finance for maximum climate investment
Sustainable Innovation Forum 2023 – COP28
Financing climate action in the global south
Video file
Blended Finance – The panacea for climate change adaptation?
Sustainable Investment Forum 2023
Special Meeting on Loss and Damage conference thumbnail
Special Meeting on Loss and Damage
Climate Ambition Summit – UNGA78 High-level week
Scaling up Gender Lens Financing conference thumbnail
Scaling up Gender Lens Financing: A Catalytic Tool for Advancing all SDGs
United Nations – SDG Action Weekend (NYC Climate Week)
United Nations SDG Action Weekend Video conference thumbnail
Scaling Blended Finance to Mobilize Private SDG investments in LCDs and Other Vulnerable Countries
United Nations – SDG Action Weekend (NYC Climate Week)
Solutions for a Healthy Planet
Seventh GEF Assembly
Green and Clean: Redefining Finance for a Sustainable Future
Conference of Montreal
Beyond ESG: Time for Action
Sustainable Finance Summit
The Road to Net Zero
McGill University
Our experts speakers
Speaking at your event

Our team regularly speaks at events on topics from investing in emerging markets, supporting development through the private sector, and sector-specific topics.

We are always happy to hear from event organizers. Get in touch with us directly to discuss possible speaking opportunities at

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