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What are cookies and how does FinDev Canada use them?

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer when you visit a website. We use cookies to collect and save information about your browsing activities in order to understand your preferences while you are visiting our site and to recognize you when you return. You may adjust your browser settings to manage and/or delete cookies as you wish. Please consult your browser’s Help Menu for instructions.

The use of cookies allows us to provide you with a tailored experience that is relevant to you based on web analytics and marketing automation.

Web analytics

Web analytics is the collection, analysis, measurement, and reporting of data about website traffic for purposes of understanding and optimizing Internet usage. We collect the following types of personal information for web analytics: your IP address, the type of browser you use, the page(s) you visited, and the date and time of any requests you make. After this period, the information is disposed of in accordance with the Standard on Privacy and Web Analytics and as authorized by the Librarian and Archivist of Canada.

Cookies support web analytics by creating aggregated statistics on visitors to websites and their browsing behaviour. We use the information collected by cookies to understand what portions of our website are visited the most and to identify areas for improvement. The data is aggregated, which means the information is not used to identify you as an individual. Two types of cookies are used for this purpose:

  1. Temporary or session cookies are only stored on your browser for the duration of your visit. These session cookies follow and track your movements between screens to provide an improved browsing experience.
  2. Persistent cookies are stored on your browser for the purposes of evaluating site usage and compiling reports on website activity. We use the third-party services of Google Analytics and Microsoft Clarity.

Marketing automation

Marketing automation is the collection and analysis of browser activity and other interactions you may have with FinDev Canada, such as by phone, email, webinars, or events. To gather your online activity on FinDev Canada websites, a persistent cookie is stored on your browser when you first visit our web pages. We use the services of Oracle Eloqua for gathering and analyzing this information.

The analysis of this data allows us to provide you with information, content, products, and services tailored to your interests and needs. Information about your interests and preferences will be linked to information you provide when you complete a form, for example, to submit a question. On each form, you will be reminded that the provision of personal information is optional. If you choose not to divulge this information, we may not be able to provide you with the content you requested, respond to inquiries, or tailor the information we send you based on your preferences.

Remember, you may adjust your browser settings to manage and/or delete cookies as you wish. Please consult your browser’s Help Menu for instructions.

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