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Development impact

Advancing Development Impact

FinDev Canada’s Development Impact Framework reflects the critical social and economic impacts needed in developing country markets to reduce poverty and achieve a more stable and prosperous future. In the medium- to long-term—by 2030—FinDev Canada envisions a private sector that is accelerating sustainable and inclusive local economic growth that incorporates increased women’s participation, job creation, and that is positioned for a low-carbon future

To achieve our medium-term vision while positioning FinDev Canada for long-term impact in a rapidly evolving global economic landscape, we have prioritized three development impact goals.  

Dev Impact Goals

FinDev Canada incorporates development impact as the primary element of its investment process, all the way from pre-screening through to due diligence, approval, monitoring and reporting. A company’s current and potential contribution to our three impact goals is a critical factor in our deal selection and decision-making process, alongside robust analysis of risk, return and pricing. We have established a development impact management cycle that is embedded in our organizational investment process. 

Development impact management cycle
Development impact management cycle

The Development Impact Framework is aligned with the Government of Canada's international assistance priorities which incorporate a focus on gender equality, and with international accords such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.  

Everyone is starting to adopt the UN SDG framework, but how can you ...
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  • Our Approach to Development Impact is forthcoming in 2024.
  • Our Impact Management Framework is forthcoming in 2024.

Disclosure Statement, Operating Principles for Impact Management

Since April 2019, FinDev Canada is a signatory to the Operating Principles for Impact Management (the Principles). The Principles provide a reference point against which the impact management systems of funds and institutions may be assessed. This Disclosure Statement confirms that FinDev Canada’s investments are managed in alignment with the Principles.