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Development impact

Advancing Development Impact

FinDev Canada prioritizes three development impact goals to achieve our mandate in a rapidly evolving global landscape. These are aligned with the challenges faced by emerging markets and developing economies in the regions we serve, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Agreement.    

Development Impact Goals EN


Our Development Impact Pathway

Development Impact Pathway EN


Our development impact goals

Our three impact goals are highly interconnected and synergistic, with each having an influence on the others. Addressing climate and nature action, promoting gender equality, and fostering market development can lead to more sustainable, resilient, and equitable development. It is also beneficial for the business performance of our clients.

Impact Goals and KPIs EN

Our approach to making impactful investments 

Our Approach to Impactful Investments EN

Measuring and reporting on our impact

FinDev Canada’s impact measurement and reporting approach draws on methodologies consistent with industry practice and aligns with industry-led harmonization initiatives. Transparency is essential to our work, and we publish detailed disclosures and annual reporting on our website. We measure our impact at both the client level and the portfolio level and as our portfolio matures, we are committed to capturing and disseminating our learnings.  

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