Our Approach

The method to our momentum

At FinDev Canada, we value equality, inclusion and the environment. We’re building our success on a coherent strategy, placing economic and social development results at the forefront of all activities. By providing support to businesses in developing countries, we intend to have a favourable impact on poverty reduction through job creation, women’s economic empowerment, and climate change action. We achieve this by focusing on three priority sectors:

  • Green growth, e.g. renewable energy, energy infrastructure, energy efficiency, water supply, water management, waste management, waste water management, bio-refinery products, green industrial production, and climate solutions focused on mitigation or adaptation
  • Agribusiness value chain, from processing, storage, transportation and distribution
  • The financial industry, particularly local financial institutions, as a means to reach local small and medium-sized enterprises.

FinDev Canada has a dual geographic focus, covering areas where Canada has the greatest strengths and experience, and where poverty is an ongoing challenge: Latin America and the Caribbean, and sub-Saharan Africa.

Our strategic approach aligns with the Government of Canada’s priorities—to stand out from the crowd, leverage partnerships, implement effective governance and decision-making, and grow a financially sustainable portfolio with an appetite for well-managed risk.

FinDev Canada is creating a niche through our nimble and innovative approach to business, focusing on the needs of private sector borrowers and companies investing in developing countries, all while concentrating on business activities that offer significant economic and social impact.