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December 18, 2020

Finance in Common: Joint Approaches to a Shared Crisis

International conferences in a physical form have stopped with the COVID-19 pandemic, but fortunately their digital versions continue. Policy and decision-makers know they can address the world’s most pressing issues more readily by participating in fora that offer collective information-sharing, renewed commitment, and mutual accountability. The inaugural Finance in Common Summit took place on November 9-12, 2020. The event, which was launched as part of this year's Paris Peace Forum, brought together over 450 public development banks (PDBs) from across the globe.
November 2, 2020

Driving Women’s Empowerment with Gender-Smart Companies

Social change is rarely rapid and success for any movement depends on maintaining momentum. With that in mind, in mid-October more than 150 people from around the world came together virtually in a webinar entitled “Investing in Gender Responsive Companies”. It was a chance to sustain momentum in the drive for gender equality, while getting a better understanding of effective ways to advance it in the workplace, marketplace, and local community.
October 22, 2020
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FinDev Canada’s Approach to #BuildBackBetter

As the COVID-19 pandemic begins to subside in many countries around the world, and governments transition away from emergency response to longer-term economic stimulus measures, a key question for policy makers is emerging: How can we #BuildBackBetter? How can we turn this crisis into an opportunity?
September 16, 2020
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FinDev Canada: Looking Back, Looking Forward

COVID-19 and its far-reaching health, economic, social, and even political consequences have captured the world’s attention, and rightly so. Across the planet, policy and policymakers were forced to pivot as the coronavirus spread. Life is now divided into two periods: before the pandemic, and during it.
August 18, 2020
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Equality Means Business: The Women's Empowerment Principles

It was just over a decade ago, on International Women’s Day in 2010, that UN Women and UN Global Compact collaborated to establish and launch the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs). The idea behind them was, and remains, simple: to offer clear and practical guidance to businesses worldwide as they seek to advance gender equality and empower women in the workplace, marketplace, and community. The WEPs also serve to help governments as they engage with businesses to promote gender equality in all aspects of society.