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Press release
June 27, 2019
Danper and FinDev Canada

FinDev Canada invests in leading Peruvian agricultural producer, Danper Agricola La Venturosa

Press Releases

The loan will create quality jobs and support women’s economic participation in the Peruvian agribusiness sector


Vilma Marleny Amaya Marcelo

Labour Management Coordinator

My job at Danper has helped me put my daughter through medical school. Danper also provided me with the opportunity to finish my high school education.  

Luisa Castillo

Operations Supervisor

My stable job has helped me provide my children with an education and a comfortable quality of life, it also helped me open my own bakery, my first step in the world of business.

Segundo Rodríguez

Crop Supervisor

I began working on the Muchik farm in 2011 in production, where I harvested green asparagus. From there, I became the crop supervisor of a 12-hectare area, with a team of 35 workers—a position I held for five years.


Expected Development Impact

Market Development

  • Growing quality employment in rural areas: Danper ALV belongs to the key target client group for FinDev Canada. The company has a small permanent workforce (~13), however they also employ many local temporary workers (between 150-250 depending on season) for planting and harvesting activities. The new capital will increase local contract employment, as approximately 40 new workers for planting and 70 new workers for harvesting will be required. The company is also helping to stabilize local employment by rotating workers seasonally between different crops. Danper ALV jobs are considered high-quality in the region, offering benefits to permanent and temporary employees such as onsite healthcare and medical services for workers and their families, transportation to and from work, and training and advancement opportunities. 
  • Economic value addition: Danper ALV also contributes to local market development through its purchasing, 93% of which was to Peruvian businesses in 2018. Post investment, Danper ALV is estimated to contribute annual direct economic value addition of US$ 1.38M, and indirect value addition of US$ 374K. 
  • Technology transfer: The company continues to bring innovation in specialty agriculture to Peru, including the new seedless grape variety.

Leadership on women’s economic empowerment

Danper Group’s co-founder and CEO is a respected woman entrepreneur, Ms. Rosario Bazan, and Danper Group was the first EDGE certified company in Peru


Women’s Economic Empowerment

  • Leadership on women’s economic empowerment: Danper Group’s co-founder and CEO is a respected woman entrepreneur, Ms. Rosario Bazan, and Danper Group was the first EDGE certified company in Peru. As a result, Danper ALV gender equality policies and activities are based on those of the parent, which has implemented several successful initiatives to improve gender inclusion, including for example adopting gender inclusive recruitment practices and awareness raising workshops for workers on gender equality and sexual harassment in the workplace. 
  • Creating good-quality jobs for women: Danper ALV employs women both as permanent employees (46% women) and as temporary farm workers (31% are women), which was the basis for its qualification as a 2X Challenge investment. Danper has actively sought to reduce the gender pay gap, which, at the time of investment, stood at only 4% between men and women temporary workers. The company also provides appropriate onsite facilities, including a lactation room and separate changing and sanitary facilities for men and women.

Climate Action

  • Encouraging sustainable land management practices: Danper Group maintains several internationally-recognized environmental certifications such as GLOBAL G.A.P., USGAP and ISO 14001 (Environmental Management Systems); these certificates include its subsidiaries such as Danper ALV. Danper Group tracks and reports on several indicators related to environmental impacts of production such as air quality, GHG emissions, waste production and water use, which FinDev Canada will also monitor over the life of the investment. 
  • Preparing for climate-related weather events: In response to potential high-rainfall scenarios from “El Niño” meteorological events, the company has put in place a climate adaptation strategy by building flooding control barriers 10 km from the farm that divert water into natural channels and away from Danper ALV land.