A tool to raise awareness about barriers to women's economic participation


An average economy gives women only 75% of rights men enjoy. In some countries, women only get half of these rights. 

Because we know you are the main fuelers of change, we translated some of the barriers women face into a print-and-play marketplace game that you can download and play with friends, family, colleagues and classmates.

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From August 1st to 9th, get your copy of Unequalopolis at bulk price

Coming soon: Unequalopolis crowd sale

How does this work?

The service provider that prints Unequalopolis offers the option of crowd sales to allow buyers to take advantage of bulk prices by adding up several purchases over a limited period.

The number of copies sold between August 1st and 9th determines the depth of the discount. You'll always get the best discount achieved no matter when you purchase through-out the sale.

When do I get my copy?

The crowd sale runs until August 9th. The provider estimates the games will ship on or around September 9, 2019. After they are shipped, you will receive tracking information.

DISCLAIMER: Unequalopolis is sold at cost, no profits are obtained from its sale.

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