Development impact

Measuring Development Impacts

How we created our Development Impact Framework

Our success is not only measured by financial sustainability, but whether we improve the lives of those impacted by businesses we support. Performance measurement of development impacts are the backbone of FinDev Canada. 

Here are some principles that guide this impact framework:

  • The framework is aligned with Canada’s Feminist International Assistance Policy (FIAP) and FinDev Canada’s own business strategy;
  • Proposed indicators are few in number, and incorporate data that can be obtained in a reliable and consistent way;
  • Indicators stand the test of time, beyond short-term priorities;
  • Indicators are realistic for the private sector— chosen indicators will also provide value to the clients of FinDev Canada;
  • The initial framework is simple and scalable, to account for future learning and evolution of strategy; and
  • The initial framework is hard-wired into the decision-making of the organization.

We have identified three anchor themes that align well with the government’s priorities and around which we develop our own priorities:

  • Market development, including job creation and GDP growth;
  • Women’s economic empowerment; and
  • Climate mitigation and adaptation.

FinDev Canada’s Development Impact Framework includes underlying principles, a methodology, and tools to measure those impacts. 


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