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Press release
April 6, 2021

Sustainable investors unite to provide USD 80 million to expand SME financing insured by AVLA Perú, strengthening markets and promoting jobs

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New financing will reinforce the credit guarantee market in Peru, permitting expansion of local business activity.

Summary of Anticipated Development Impacts


  • This transaction will provide access to financial services to Peruvian SMEs to foster economic development and improve thousands of lives by supporting local jobs.
  • Strengthen local SMEs and value chain: AVLA Peru will use FinDev Canada’s loan to primarily insure Peruvian SME clients that support the local economy and employment.
  • Financial and non‑financial services for SMEs: In Peru, traditional banks provide SMEs with standardized products and services, creating a barrier for SMEs that do not fit the ‘one‑size‑fits‑all’ financing needs. Uno Capital originates and structures the loans for SMEs that include longer tenors, repayment schedules tailored to the SME cash flows, and faster rates of capital disbursement. 
  • GDP contribution through economic value‑added: The transaction will contribute economic value, both directly and indirectly, through local businesses.

Market development and women's economic empowerment

Supporting quality employment: AVLA Peru provides 130 direct jobs and promotes gender equality among its workforce, where women account for 42% of employees and 36% of senior leadership.


  • Support women’s leadership, and quality employment: AVLA Peru promotes gender equality among its workforce, where women account for 42% of employees and 36% of senior leadership. The company’s efforts are further evidenced by its plan to develop an ‘Equal Pay Policy’ and by the fact that in 2019, 50% of the employees promoted were women. 
  • Supporting women’s business ownership: Analysis of its current portfolio revealed that AVLA Peru offered its women‑owned small‑ and medium‑sized enterprises (“WSME”) clients better financial terms than those offered in the domestic market. Specifically, AVLA offers clients lower interest rates and longer tenors that better meet its clients’ business needs, making it attractive for its WSME clients.


  • Sustainable practices within operations: Given the sector of operation, AVLA Peru has a low environmental footprint. Nevertheless, AVLA Peru is a signatory of the UN Principles for Sustainable Insurance and, as such, requires staff to undergo mandatory training on strategies to reduce waste and energy consumption through their EcoAvla program.