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Policies and Guidelines

Policies and Guidelines

Environmental and Social Policy (E&S)

In addition to development impacts, FinDev Canada aims to fully understand the human rights and environmental, social and governance (E&S) risks presented by the businesses it supports.  FinDev Canada’s E&S Assessment Policy outlines the approach taken to mitigate negative human rights and environmental and social risks and potentially improve these conditions in those businesses. The final policy is now available below:

FinDev Canada's E&S Policy is being implemented over time, including the development of companion guidance and procedures, as well as staff training. In 2020, we developed an implementation plan that details the many processes and controls that FinDev Canada has put in place to support us in delivering on our E&S Policy commitments. It also outlines the key areas where we will focus our efforts to close any remaining gaps, with full compliance expected before 2023. We will provide regular updates on our progress through implementation reports available here.

Code of Conduct

FinDev Canada is committed to the highest standards of ethical business conduct and to carrying out its mandate in a socially responsible manner consistent with its corporate values. It is FinDev Canada’s policy that each of its directors and employees conduct FinDev Canada’s business and manage the relationship with FinDev Canada's customers, shareholder and other stakeholders, with honesty, integrity, fairness and transparency that will withstand the highest degree of public scrutiny, weighing responsibilities to all stakeholders

Procurement policy

Our procurement policy outlines how we engage suppliers to help us deliver on our short-term and long-term goals.

Expression of Principles Regarding Taxes and Uses of Offshore Financial Centres

This Expression of Principles states FinDev Canada’s position on questions of taxation arising in its business activities for the benefit of stakeholders, partners and clients alike.