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Our mission is to make an impact

To provide easier access to capital for entrepreneurs in developing markets.

We deliver innovative financial solutions to businesses with the potential to create jobs, empower women and mitigate climate change.

Our purpose is to help entrepreneurs build a sustainable future for their businesses, which in turn will better support their communities. Our goals focus on local development, women’s economic empowerment, and climate action.

Our vision is inclusive

To be a key contributor to inclusive international development financing, offering innovative solutions that have a sustainable impact.

How FinDev Canada came to be

In January 2018, the Development Finance Institute Canada (DFIC) Inc. opened for business with a mandate to support the growth and sustainability of businesses in developing markets. FinDev Canada will help create jobs, promote women’s economic empowerment, and contribute to a cleaner and greener environment.

By filling the gap between commercial support and development assistance, FinDev Canada will bring financial strength to businesses in developing markets that will in turn create stability and prosperity for local communities. It will support local private sector activity where it contributes to sustainable development.

Based in Montréal, Québec, FinDev Canada is a wholly owned subsidiary of Export Development Canada (EDC), Canada’s export credit agency. We aim to be financially sustainable by generating returns on our loans and investments, and to have a favourable economic and social impact in the communities where our clients operate.