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FinDev Canada is developing a formal independent accountability mechanism with a planned completion date in 2023. While this is being developed, an interim process to receive external concerns and complaints has been put in place. 


Who can submit a concern or complaint?


Members of the public who have reason to believe that FinDev Canada has not acted in accordance with their Policies and Guidelines, can report a complaint. If an issue is being raised on behalf of another party, that group should be identified and evidence of authority to represent that group provided. Anonymous submissions are not accepted, however material can be submitted confidentially. Information provided confidentially will not be released (unless required by applicable law) without the consent of the party who provided the information.


What to Include 


The concern or complaint must be submitted via email: While it does not need to follow a specific format, we recommend including the following details:

  • Your name, address and other contact information such as phone and fax numbers, cell phone, email address.
  • If you are representing a complainant, please provide contact information for yourself and the group/person you are representing.
  • Background information on your complaint, including the names of any people you may have dealt with in an attempt to resolve the issue or raise your concerns.
  • A clear statement outlining your opinion of the social, business or environmental impact of the problem and details of policies and procedures that were violated.
  • Your opinion on the desired result or outcome of an investigation so that we have a clear understanding of what you expect from the process.
  • What has been done to solve the problem, including any previous contact with FinDev Canada.
  • Whether confidentiality is being requested and the underlying reason.


Acknowledging Receipt

You will usually receive acknowledgement of receipt of the concern or complaint within five business days.



The submission will be reviewed to determine how it should be handled. Independent experts may be called upon to assist with the review and you may be asked to provide additional information. If confidentiality has been requested, experts will not be engaged until we receive consent from the party who made the request.

You will be notified when the matter has been concluded and the resulting outcome.


Have something to submit?